Stepping Stones Childcare – Ofsted reports

The Ofsted reports from the nursery are available to be seen in full on the Ofsted website. We are located in Leytonstone, Leytonstone.

Ofsted report for Stepping Stones Childcare at St Margaret’s Church, Leytonstone – March 2018

  • Staff develop strong partnerships with parents. They share regular information about children’s development and encourage parents to extend their learning at home
  • Parents provide complimentary feedback about the setting. For example they praise the close relationship they form with staff to meet children’s needs effectively
  • Staff work closely together to implement the daily routine, policies and procedures effectively, to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the nursery for the children
  • Staff observe and assess children’s learning well. They plan stimulating opportunities for the children to explore, learn and make good progress with their development
  • Children are happy at the provision. They form close bonds and attachments with the staff and know when to seek support and reassurance from them during play
  • Staff supervise and interact with children effectively during their play to help extend their learning.
  • Children settle easily and quickly
  • Children display a strong sense of belonging and move around to explore the resources freely
  • Children learn to manage their personal needs independently
  • Children help with small responsibilities well. For example, younger children feed themselves and the older children use the toilet on their own. Children help to set up new activities and pack away resources effectively
  • Children are familiar with their daily routine and know what to expect next. They easily adapt to changes
  • Children make good progress
  • All children display good behaviour and they follow simple rules and boundaries well

Ofsted report for Stepping Stones Childcare at St Anthony’s Church, Forest Gate – November 2013

  • Staff have a good knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage learning and development requirements, which they use to plan a wide range of activities and experiences for the children
  • Consequently, children enjoy their learning through high-quality play experiences
  • Staff nurture children’s personal, social and emotional development well through helping them to forge secure relationships with their key person
  • Parents are able to spend as long as they want to help their children settle into their new surroundings. This support and gentle approach enables children to build strong relationships with their key person. Consequently, children separate from their parents easily and are ready to learn through play
  • The staff teach children the importance of leading healthy lifestyles through daily access to the garden and freshly prepared, cooked, balanced and nutritious hot meals daily
  • Staff support the older children to learn independence skills, which they will need when they move onto school
  • Children behave very well in the nursery, as staff consistently model good manners and use gentle reminders to assist children to learn to manage their own behaviour
  • The staff treat children equally and have a high regard to meeting their individual need
  • Pictorial references on the walls of the nursery to remind children of the nursery rules. These are revisited during circle time and when children need reminding. Consequently, children respect each other and learn about keeping safe as they take care when moving around the room
“Thank you Sue and all the staff for providing a safe and flexible nurturing environment for my children, you should be proud of your achievements.” – Corinne and Henry 2010