A day in the life of Stepping Stones Childcare

Stepping Stones Childcare is a day nursery that offers a safe and comfortable environment for your little ones. We are located in St Margaret’s Church Hall at Leytonstone, East London.

Stepping Stones offers your children a full day of fun, laughter, play and rest. The day is broken up into many activities to keep the children interested, stimulated and active.

We divide our nursery children into three groups. Our babies and toddlers, Joeys, are aged between 6 months and 2 years. The childcare group for the Possums are aged 2-3 years and the preschool children, the Roos, are 3 to 4 years old.

Daily timetable

08.00 – Nurseries open to greet children, breakfast is offered to the children this is then followed by free play.

09.30 – Joeys, Possums and Roos follow their own planned table of activities or outdoor play.

10.00 – Register and circle time for 3-4 year olds.

10.30 – Group work for Possums and Roos.

10.45 – Joeys prepare for lunch and enjoy a story.

11.00 – Lunchtime for the Joeys. Roos and Possums enjoy their own story time.

11.20 – The children and staff enjoy lunch together.

11.45 – Sleep and rest period.

14.00 – Free play for all groups.

15.00 – Story time and singing session.

15.30 – Tea time.

16.00 – Possums and Roos engage in group activities.

17.00 – Free play and outdoor play.

18.30 – Nurseries close.

The children have access to drinking water all day.

At Stepping Stones Childcare nursery, we try to give all our children some structure to their day, however we are also flexible. We will not waste a gorgeous sunny day by painting indoors.

Nursery Closure Dates´╗┐

  • One week following Easter weekend
  • First two weeks in August
  • Two weeks at Christmas
  • Exact dates will be given at the beginning of each year

    Nursery Menu

    All food is included in the nursery Fees


    Assortment of healthy cereals

    Tea Time: choices vary over the week
    – Quesadillas
    – Crackers with cream cheese
    – Soup
    – All with fresh fruit
    Drink choices of water or milk

    “Many thanks for making Stepping Stones Childcare such a lovely place to grow.” – Frances 2005